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What makes us different?

The difference is community

At Dental Design Studio, we are more than dental health professionals. Our team members’ love for teeth is combined with a passion for giving back to our community.

Our predecessors, Dr. Roger Bowman and Dr. Susan Whiteneck inspire our commitment to serving our community.   We continue to follow their example and have expounded upon their generosity.  We are dedicated to donating a portion of our profits to local Oklahoma charities. Empowered by our experiences, we want to connect with our family of patients in order to be more impactful, and are currently in the process of establishing the Jenkins-Spurlock Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to year-round fundraising through our teeth whitening program.

All proceeds from any teeth whitening service will be granted to deserving local charities. We ask patients to connect us with your passion and encourage you to nominate your favorite nonprofit to be awarded funding which will be distributed in the fall of each year. Join us in our mission to support organizations working to create a better Oklahoma.

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