You Gotta Start Somewhere!


We Recently Asked Team Members: where did you get your start? What was your first job?


Here Are Some Of Our Team Member’s Answers:

Jackie Gray was a hostess at El Chico Sooner Fashion Mall. She chose El Chico so she could get 50% off the food!

Suzanne Leeviraphan worked at “Old-Fashioned” Ice Cream Bar Store at Sooner Fashion Mall. Her friend’s parents owned it, so she was working with all her best friends!

Allie Kennedy was an assistant in the 2-year old room at Creative Kids Day Care. “I got to take care of some of our patients before I worked here. This is only my second job (but it’ll be five years in August)!

Kim Milliron was no slacker! At 10-years old when she started helping at her family country store and gas station where she had to make change and clean out the snake pit. The snake pit was a tourist attraction off highway 64 in Northern OK. Then at 12, she started working at a dress shop in Freedom, OK.

Dr. Sara Spurlock was lifeguard at Cleveland City (the small town not Cleveland County) pool. “I believe it was the only round pool with the deep end in the middle in the entire state. You had to swim out to the diving boards. It was difficult to guard, but lots of fun.” Sadly, the pool is no longer in operation.

Now, It’s YOUR Turn!
What was your first job?

Tell us about your experience! Did you love it or hate it? Share your answers to the two questions above in the comment section below. Or, you can direct message us on our Facebook page.

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