How Fluoride Can Improve Your Teeth


The good news is that there are many tools available to help fight tooth decay. Besides the obvious routine maintenance of brushing, flossing and regular checkups, another great option is topical fluoride treatments to help fight cavities.

Help Prevent Tooth Decay And Strengthens Teeth

Over time your teeth’s enamel will gain and lose minerals, and too much demineralization can weaken the tooth’s surface, leading to increased cavity risk. Not only does fluoride make your teeth more resistant to acid attacks and plaque, it also helps teeth re-mineralize faster.

Treatment Options

Dental Design Studio has a fluoride varnish treatment that has a couple of great benefits, besides being great for your teeth. It tastes great and we have several enticing flavors including bubble gum, mint, melon, caramel, and cherry. You can also eat or drink immediately after the treatment. Fluoride varnish is stronger and more effective than rinses or foam.

Is Fluoride right for you?

We used to only treat young people with fluoride treatments, but we now highly recommend the fluoride varnish treatment for all ages because of the increased use of soda and higher sugar amounts in foods. We have to work harder, and so do patients, to prevent decay, and fluoride treatments can help fight the effects increased acidity and sugar in our diets.

Some people are more prone to decay, either because of their diet, genetics or compromised cleaning. For those less susceptible to decay, a fluoride varnish at the end of their hygiene appointment is recommended. For other patients, with a higher decay rate, daily use of fluoride may be suggested.

We have a checklist to determine if fluoride treatments are right for patients:

_____ No fluoride in drinking water as a child
_____ No fluoride in drinking water now
_____ I drink filtered OR bottled water
_____ I have receding gums or history of gum disease
_____ I have multiple crowns or fillings
_____ Strong family history of dental decay
_____ Mouth feels dry
_____ I take medications that cause xerostomia (dry mouth)
_____ I breathe through my mouth
_____ Currently in orthodontic treatment
_____ I have sensitivity t5o hot, cold, or touch
_____ I use home whitening products
_____ I have limited hand dexterity
_____ Use of chewing gum, hard candy, lozenges, or breath mints between meals
_____ Visit the dentist office irregularly
_____ Currently undergoing or history of chemotherapy or radiation therapy
_____ Suffer from acid reflux (GERD)
_____ I have areas that just don’t feel clean, or trap food
_____ I’ve had dental work done in the past year
_____ Snack frequently between meals
_____ Sip on beverages throughout the day (other than water)
_____ Drink sodas or energy drinks (regular or diet)
_____ Use of tobacco products (any type)
_____ Grinding/Clenching teeth
_____ I floss less than once per day

Call Us With Questions About Topical Fluoride Treatments.

Let us know how many of these issues you apply to you! With the many benefits of preventing cavities and strengthening teeth, we highly recommend fluoride treatments as part of your ongoing dental care.